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In the Healing Rooms we pray as Jesus has commanded, for physical and mental healing and inner healing. Everyone is welcome, no appointment is needed.

If you face sickness, depression or any challenges in life - give God a chance to help.

See more information about the Healing Rooms in Finland from this link: Rukousklinikat.

Welcome - We will pray for you!

"Enable your servants to speak your word with great boldness. Stretch out your hand to heal and perform miraculous signs and wonders through the name of your holy servant Jesus."

Acts 4: 29-30 (NIV)

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A testimony of healing

Helsinki 1.10.2014
Having suffered from chronic lower back pain for close to 7 years, I decided to visit the Healing Room. I had visited many kinds of doctors before this, but had got no proper diagnosis for my pain or a solution. I was therefore on strong pain medicine around the clock. These had also began to affect my stomach negatively. After the prayer for healing, I was able to go to bed that night without pain medicine, for the first time in 7 yers. I can now testify that my back is completely healed and I do not have any more pain medications for it. I continue to thank God for a miraculous healing, and also for the people at the Healing Rooms who commit themselves to pray for others.


Do you want to support the work of the Kingdom of God by donating to the ministry of Healing Rooms Finland?

The Healing Rooms ministry is based on voluntary work and donations. You can also support our work financially; all support is welcome. Be blessed when you give and feel joy of giving. You can donate through Internet: just choose your bank from the logos listed below. Thank you for your support!

Account number: 578010-220684
IBAN: FI44 5780 1020 0206 84
Reference number: 110


Donate by phone

You can also make a donation to the ministry of Healing Rooms Finland by calling our donations phone number

Call: 0600 97550
Price: 10,18 Eur + local network charge

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