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About Healing Rooms

A Healing Room prayer clinic is a place where christians from various church backgrounds come together, to pray for healing. It is a place where anyone can come and receive prayer. Healing Rooms practice the Word of God by praying for healing and sharing the Gospel.

"Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creationÖ And these signs will accompany those who believe: they will place their hands on sick people, and they will get well." Gospel of Mark 16:15-18  

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In Healing Rooms Christians from various fellowships work together: "that they may be one as we are one ", Gospel according to John 17:22

The Mission:

In the Healing Rooms we pray as Jesus has commanded, for physical and mental illness and inner healing.

The Vision:

  • To be a channel for the healing work of God by letting Godís healing love flow over the sick.  

  • To help people find Christ as their own Saviour

  • To see Godís miraculous works so that God is given all the glory, and those who believe do not follow signs and wonders, but the signs and wonders follow those who believe

  • The Healing Rooms equip ordinary Christians to be channels for Jesusí healing love

    Methods in practice:

    Healing Rooms Finland trains volunteers from various Christian churches to pray for healing. Our prayer teams wish to see the sick get healed and the captive and depressed get free in the name of Jesus. The prayer team members are trained and interviewed, before they are chosen for the ministry. They need to be mature Christians and open to the work of the Holy Spirit.

    The first Healing Room in Finland was opened 24th  October, 2006 in Espoo (Leppävaara) in Alberga Mansion. The Healing Room is open for all those who wish to be prayed and you donít need to fill any special requirements. You can come as you are (without an appointment). When you enter the Healing Room, you are asked to fill a simple form on which you can write your request for prayer. Then you are directed into a waiting room where you can wait until your turn comes.  When it is your time, the prayer team leader will call you in and the prayer team will pray for you and ask God to lead your way.

    Healing Room serves local churches by teaching believers to pray for healing in their own churches and by directing the new believers into local churches where they can learn more about Jesus Christ. In this way, Healing Rooms makes it possible for single believers to work together and work for God.

    The Healing Rooms in brief:

  • Healing Room is place in a town, where educated prayer servants, recommended by their local churches, pray together for healing.  

  • A place where an ordinary Christian can be obedient to the Great Commission of Jesus

  • A place, where anyone can come and to be prayed for

  • Healing Rooms Finland is an association that coordinates the Healing Room prayer clincs in Finland.

  • Healing Rooms Finland is a member of the International Association Of Healing Rooms, that is based in Spokane, Washington


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