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Healing Rooms in Finland

The first healing room, "prayer clinic", in Finland was opened in Albergan Kartano, Espoo, on 24/10/2006. After that dozens of healing rooms have been started in Finland. In a healing room we pray for healing. Anyone is welcome just as he / she is without the need to book the appointment in advance.

Healing Room is a shared ministry for different churches. It is not a church itself but those who serve there are encouraged to serve in their own home churches as well.

You can find the list of healing rooms in Finland and their opening hours behind this page (in Finnish), locations listed on the left. Most of the healing rooms teams are able to serve also English-speaking people, at least on the level of understanding the prayer requests and communication (even if they may pray in Finnish).

Healing Rooms Finland offers also training for healing ministry. In some of these trainings there has been simultaneous interpretation in English or other languages. Please check the current list of trainings from here (in Finnish).

Here you can watch what happens in Healing Rooms (in Finnish)


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